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We Create Quality


Quality is the benchmark of our products. One aspect of quality is Quality Assurance, the prevention of defects. The other is Quality Control, the detection of defects.

In our state-of-the-art tea bagging facility we ensure that both Quality Assurance and Quality Control procedures are applied so you are certain all product defects have been detected and corrective action taken. You will have peace of mind that your cup of tea is of the highest quality and absolutely perfect every time.

Our tea tasters taste more than two thousand tea samples each day to select the best flavored tea with the strongest aroma and color for your enjoyment. They also ensure these teas are grown in Eco Friendly plantations.  The stringent procedures in our factory guarantee that the highest hygienic standards are upheld. Sri Lanka Tea Board, the controlling authority for Ceylon tea issues the Lion Logo symbol certifying that tea we pack passes the Symbol of Quality test.

Independent quality auditors like SGS audit our facility periodically to ensure all quality procedures are in place as confirmed by ISO 22,000 and HACCP.

Taking all of them together, WE CREATE QUALITY.